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Project Green Bean is an innovation and brainchild by Songgoritty. The intention is to raise the Green Initiatives of Building Affordable Homes, a Community, an Awareness Program of Songgoritty's State of the Art Production, Wooden Ecosystem, Innovations and Technologies (Wood Sciences).

As a Green Bean Pillar, you are eligible to enjoy benefits such as Career Opportunities, Business Partnership Programs, Home Ownership Programs (RTO), Training & Education, Employment, Scholarships, Leadership Development & Advancement.

To find out more on this topic, please visit "Why Join Us"!

Project Green Bean is an innovation and brainchild by Songgoritty. It's main focus is to build affordable houses made of engineered wood, for everybody around the world. By developing several programs within our RTO , we could assist those who do not have the ability to own a house. Songgoritty uses engineered wood technology which is carried out in a large and comprehensive industry that requires a lot of human resources related to operations, production, design, technology, health, security, to research and development.

Therefore, PGB was innovated to gather the Software from this community and Songgoritty will provide the Hardware!

Imagine Project Green Bean like a large field, where we are planting the seeds of Hope. We have taken the initiative to nourish and invest in you through various education and training programs to help broaden your knowledge of the Timber Technology Industry. We are investing in your future. It is up to you if you are ready to Embark on the Journey of Hope to Terraform the Future!

The pandemic conditions that hit the entire world have played a role in hampering the progress of our operational process. Even though Songgoritty is not fully operational at this moment, we are very optimistic that we will be starting operations in 2022.

Songgoritty has planned to opened pre-registration for Project Green Bean now, because when we are ready to operate, we would have gathered the software that are needed. Therefore, for those of you who will graduate from school / college this year or for those of you who are planning to find opportunities in 2022 - 2025, you can pre-register yourself now!

Once you are a Green Bean Pillar, you can also have the opportunity to enjoy other benefits of being part of Project Green Bean such as the Business Partnership Program and the Home Ownership Program (RTO).

To enroll, you may visit the “Pre-registration” page located on top menu of the page. Follow the steps for pre-registration and once you have finished that process, we will send you a welcome letter via email to update you on the next steps!

It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to join the Green Bean community and become a Green Bean Pillar. We do not collect any fees or payments whatsoever from anyone. Everybody is welcome to join the Green Bean community.

In order to enjoy that benefit, you must first pre-register yourself to join as a Green Bean Pillar to be a part of the community. Once you are in, only then are you eligible to apply for the "Employment benefit" in the field that you are interested.

Yes, Songgoritty will hold interviews with the qualified candidates, via our “Podcast” method.

In order to apply for a scholarship, you must first pre-register yourself to join the Green Bean Community. Once you are a Green Bean Pillar, you can inquire about the process of applying for a scholarship with Songgoritty's Training & Technical Center.

To find out more about this, you can visit our “Future Job Positions” page, under Career Opportunities. We will update this list from time to time as we progress.

Everyone is welcomed to apply and become a Green Bean Pillar.

In line with the motto of Songgoritty’s founder: “It does not matter if you have the EXPERIENCE OR NOT, Regardless of your EDUCATION STATUS, As long as you have a HEART, we WANT YOU ”.

Therefore, we invite everyone with a noble heart and attitude who wants to make a change for the better of others to join the Green Bean Community.

Songgoritty's Business Joint Partnership Program is where Songgoritty trains and develops qualified and talented people to operate a business. Songgoritty will provide funds, (3 years) apprenticeship as a business joint partnership program of interest. Upon completion of the 3 years business joint partnership program, the green bean candidate will hold and own 80% of the business partnership.

You are entitled to benefit from the Songgoritty Home Ownership Program with the “Rent To Own” (RTO) Concept when you become a Green Bean Pillar. For example: You will have a priority to own your First Home according to the place and location available.

RTO is short for Rent To Own. This is a concept used by Songgoritty to help many people to be able to own their very own house without going through the normal process of purchasing a property. Using this method, the huge initial cost of from buying a house using the traditional method is drastically reduced and most importantly, there is no RIBA involved. To read more about RTO, visit our Songgoritty website at to find out more!

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