Future Infrastructure Designs

These are some illustrations of the infrastructure concepts that Songgoritty plans to build within the Wooden Ecosystem.

Songgoritty's Wooden Ecosystem

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Songgoritty’s Wooden Ecosystem consists of 18 other companies from different industries. The above illustration is a concept of how we plan to design our Wooden Ecosystem. Examples of the industries included are the Design Center, Wooden Panel Production Factories like OSB, LVL & CLT, Paint & Glue Factories and many more which we will reveal along the way. 

When you decide to work or get scouted by Songgoritty, every person has to be trained from Songgoritty’s Training & Technical Center. In this school every individual will learn the basics and foundations about wood sciences and the blueprint of how a house is built.

When you graduate from the Training & Technical Center, you will achieve a certification of apprenticeship proving that you had graduated. On top of that, after graduation, not only will you have gained the understanding about timber structures but also you will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from Songgoritty, to further your studies overseas about wood sciences. The reason we have this scholarship in place is that you can learn and bring this knowledge back to help develop your Home Country

Apart from education, the Technical School will also have a Laboratory for Research & Development (R&D). This is where Songgoritty will perform its R&D on several materials from wood to Nano-cellulose in order to progress and make enhancement to our current products.

The Design Center will act as a showroom for people who are interested in renting with Songgoritty. In the Design Center, people will be able to view in real-time how their houses would look like, both interior and exterior. This can be achieved because we are utilizing Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality technology. Our customers can pick and choose the types of walls finishing, or even the paint color of their walls and view in real-time. 

This experience is unique to Songgoritty as we want our customers to feel and enjoy their future homes as if they were already living in it!

These are a concept of the designs of how our factories would look like. There will be many other factories such as the Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Insulation Board, Integrated Building System (IBS) and many others which we will reveal as we move forward. 

One of the many benefits of working with Songgoritty is that we also provide Accommodations for our employees. The image above shows a concept of the Accommodation design of that we plan to build. The whole structure will be built using wooden materials developed by Songgoritty.

Our Green Bean Pillars can also enjoy the option to own the house through our Rent To Own (RTO) concept.

Songgoritty also provides dormitories for our students. The above image is a concept of how the dormitories would look like. 

Songgoritty aims to build a futuristic yet aesthetic looking structure for our students, all made from wood developed by our company.